Showreel (2015)

An eight-minute highlights showreel of some of the projects I've worked on.


A Gift Horse

A film by Jacob Mathews, Gareth Openshaw, and Francisco Gozon, 'A Gift Horse' is a fable about an innocent little girl wishing for a horse - blissfully unaware of the consequences.

It was made for the Rode Microphone's 'My Rode Reel' short film competition with 1,120 films submitted over 76 countries.

It was nominated for 'Best Soundtrack Finalist', as well as 'Best Cinematography Award' and 'Judge's Pick Finalist'.


Capture (Tropscore 2014)

My winning entry for the 2014 APRA/AMCOS Tropscore competition short film titled 'Capture', directed by Jen Gerber.



Directed by Gareth Openshaw, 'Jarholm' is a comedy based on two mates who find a mysterious man in the middle of the desert.



Directed by Sarah Hallam, SH!T is a comedy about two friends who find themselves trapped in their toilet, while one of them needs to meet up with a date. Shit ensues.


Ruskidd: A Bear In The Streets

Directed by Paul Inthavong (AKA: Norcia), 'Ruskidd: A Bear In The Streets' is a short documentary on the Melbourne-based graffiti artist Ruskidd.

Ruskidd provided his original remixes, while I composed the additional background music.


The Skeptic (2009) Re-Score

This was for an university assignment where I was to re-score a scene from the 2009 film 'The Skeptic'.

I had a live string quartet at my disposal, so I took the opportunity and composed a piece utilising numerous extended techniques and just having a good time experimenting.



Frankenstein (1931) Re-Score

This was for a class exercise where I was to re-score the original Frankenstein scene.

The cue begins with some menacing horror tones, but eventually develops into something with more sadness to portray Frankenstein's true character: a confused and misunderstood creature.


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