Tropscore Winner!

I am so incredibly honoured and excited to announce that I have won this year's APRA/AMCOS Tropscore competition!

I was apparently up against around 1,000 participants, and the other eleven finalists were amazing and incredibly talented (one of them even included members from The Jezabels), so I'm just in disbelief at the moment. I'll also be heading up to Sydney at the end of the week to attend Tropfest so that should be fun!

Hopefully this means I will actually be updating this blog a bit more from now on. In the meantime, please check out my entry for the beautifully made film 'Capture':


Hello & Welcome!

I have started this website for professional portfolio purposes, as well as a means to (hopefully) blog about my musical adventures and jot down my thoughts on the composition/sound design processes.

Some things I am planning to eventually do with this blog:

  • Keeping track of progress for projects that I am working on.
  • Reviews of film, television & game scores in terms of how effectively they function within the narrative.
  • Discussing some composition and sound design points that I stumble across. This perhaps might involve going over some helpful techniques or posting some score analysis.
  • General narcissistic news about my career I suppose?

In the meantime, feel free to explore my website!

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