Temping It Up

I’ve had a chance to temp score the footage today. I tried jazz for the final time to make sure that it doesn’t work - it definitely doesn’t suit what’s happening on screen. I’ve only temped the opening introduction of Randall  to see what emotional approach I should be taking with the music. I’ve left a couple of different ideas open for the director to decide on:

  • Thomas Newman’s ‘Fish-O-Rama’ provides a very light hearted approach to the whole situation - making Randall quite silly.
  • Mychael Danna’s ‘Blind Date’ provides a darker but wacky element to Randall. Not as silly but still contains elements of Randall’s uncertainty in himself.
  • I also ended up composing a Sitcom type of bass line that added more forward drive to Randall’s intentions, while setting up a feel for the rest of the film: https://soundcloud.com/benjamin-huang-1/sitcom-bass-concept-for-candid

I also received an email from the director re-organising our meeting from tomorrow to Wednesday so that will give me some extra time to think it through a bit more.

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