Searching For Comedy Styles

The director hasn’t replied to my last email as of yet, so it’s safe to assume I won’t be receiving the rough cut any time soon. I think music is the last aspect that he is worrying about at this stage as he’s probably too stressed with editing his film and being on other peoples film shoots so I won’t bother him for the time being.

I have been thinking a little more about the characters recently. The director mentioned - during our meeting, that there might be subtle slapstick elements to the character Randall, particularly when he falls out of a tree at the beginning of the film. Although the director doesn’t want any comedic music, I am looking into it anyway as a possibility. When he said ‘comedic’, it’s a possibility that he pictured kazoos and trombone slides, though I am thinking more subtle elements of comedy. After searching through my library of music, I’ve found a couple of styles that might be of use:

  • 500 Days Of Summer by Mychael Danna has plenty of lighthearted whacky woodwind pieces that could work to establish Randall.
  • Hable Con Ella by Alberto Iglesias has some dark but whacky strings that could also work.
  • Finding Nemo by Thomas Newman has plenty of different stereotypical styles. The track ‘Fish-O-Rama’ has a very strange sound to it with almost a hint of jazz.
  • The Holiday by Hans Zimmer has plenty of lighthearted and cheesy romantic pieces that could be used in a scene where Jane takes off her gown.

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