Scripts! and Meetings!

I have finally received the script for the film today! On top of that, we have also arranged a meeting in person next Thursday (the 26th) at the Amici Cafe on Chapel Street. The date is a bit far off in my opinion but apparently he is on shoot starting from tomorrow for the week so I can’t complain. He also briefly explained what sort of music he wanted and gave me an example:

He wants something that is “sexy and mysterious with a hint of mistrust”. I think the Miles Davis example portrays the ‘sexy’ and the ‘mysterious’ but the mistrust… is a difficult one. Another reference he made was the music from Louis Ck’s television program called ‘Louie’.

I must say the choice in music style is bizarre but then again I still don’t understand the concept behind the film very well. For now I will conduct some more research on ‘Louie’ and this style of jazz.

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