Finished off the rough-cut today (except for a new introduction section that I have not looked at yet) and emailed it off to the director. I discovered that beat mapping is only used to calculate the tempos needed to hit a certain point. I could move the tempos all I wanted and the beat mapping would not take effect as long as none of the beat maps are moved or deleted. This makes life much easier as I simply highlight all the regions and tempo nodes, and move them together! Everything moves in sync with each other with no jumbling mess.

On a more negative note, the director wants to do the sound mix tomorrow… In other words my music has to be completed tomorrow (one day earlier than the due date), however I haven’t even received a locked off cut yet! What is he thinking? That i’m a psychic magician!? I decided to go see my teacher about this problem to see what he had to say about it. Apparently I will have to treat the rough cut as if it’s the locked off cut and fix it up after the due date for the public screening. Apart from that, my teacher also gave me some more tips regarding Jane’s colour being different at the end of the film as she becomes the dominant character and recommended that I find a real saxophone player to solo over the ‘nude’ scene. He also told me to not worry about a real bass player since the samples sound pretty convincing. Good! So I guess I shouldn’t be worrying about the directors due date and just focus on making the score good regardless. That’s a lot of pressure off my chest.

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