(Really) Rough Cut!

After two and half weeks after the proposed delivery date of a rough cut, I finally received it! It’s more of a draft rough cut that was slapped together fairly quickly but it’s all I need for now. After a first viewing I had couple of thoughts:

  • First, the look and style of the film no longer resembles the original idea of the show ‘Louie’. If this is still the directors vision, it’s too vague and unclear.
  • Second, the situation between the two characters are no longer as ‘seductive’ or subtly playful as originally described by the director. Instead, Randall certainly brings a slight element of silliness and unsureness in himself that is more comedic than I originally thought, while Jane is more visually annoyed and unhappy. 
  • Thirdly, jazz is becoming more and more unfavourable now that I’ve seen the footage. Not only does it not suit the location, but also the situation and the emotions of the characters. Some of the styles I researched earlier could work better now.

I’ve arranged a meet up with the director for Tuesday so we could have that spotting session and discuss what the options are. In the meantime, I will be temp-ing the rough cut up!

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