Today, I’ve sent another email to the director letting him know about my situation of failing if I don’t receive anything by Monday. I explained that I am currently way behind everyone else and that the possibility of coming up with a good score is becoming more unlikely. I went through the whole process of what it is expected from me as a composer, which includes the delivery of:

  • A spotting session.
  • Rough cuts with both temporary and original music.
  • A final decision of the style that the director and I are both happy with.
  • The final cut with my original music.
  • The recording and performance of that music and mix (which will most definitely not happen anymore).
  • The final sound mix (which I would like to be present for).

It worked! He replied pretty quickly that he’d ask the editor to send over a really rough cut of the film during the weekend. Judging from his response, he’s definitely behind schedule as well. With one week to go and he still doesn’t have a proper rough cut. This will be a cutting it close.

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