Perspective Replenished

I continued the score first thing in the morning today. I’ve definitely started to see things that I didn’t see before and my music is starting to make ‘sense’. I’m also seeing how some parts are totally awkward - what was I thinking?

So far, I’ve drafted up the last minute or so with music and it seems to work well (at least for now, without mixing or finding the perfect sounds). I’ve established Randall’s theme or ‘motif’ as the bass line, which is introduced subtly in the background when the dialogue develops some ‘tension’ and purpose. From here, other elements are introduced as the scene escalates, building up to the moment where Jane takes her gown off (for comical purposes! I’m not scoring an adult film), where the music plays in full force. At the moment I’m struggling to find Jane’s motif. I’ve experimented with a few sounds from piano chords to clarinet lines - none of which feel very natural with the rest of the music at this point. I’ll be having another meeting with my teacher tomorrow so I could ask him for some ideas.

I’ve showed the director some of these cues and he liked them so I’m very pleased about that! He told me that he was getting worried that the bass line started to sound like a ‘cop show’ in his head however after showing him how I’ve approached the scenes, he’s really glad that wasn’t the case.

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