Perspective Loss

I’ve just spent some time conceptualising the specific character emotions from the rough cut and started adding marker notes as to what the music will be doing and when they will be introduced. In my opinion, this has always been the most difficult part in film scoring. There are so many ways to approach a scene dramaturgically it’s quite scary. I just have to be brave and trust my (underdeveloped) instincts and go with something that might work. At the moment I have mapped out the main cues and composed some music based on the ‘sitcom’ idea for those areas. Those are fairly easy as there are clear points where music could work. What’s doing my head in at the moment is the dialogue sections (which dominate the film). My plan was to weave colours in and out during the dialogue to reference to certain aspects and create interest and perhaps humour, however I’m finding that music sounds too obtrusive whenever I introduce it; it feels unnatural - forced, though at the same time I can see it working. I’ve completely lost perspective on this issue (which happens too soon and too often for me). I’m going to leave this for now and come back first thing in the morning with a fresh (groggy) mindset. Time to sleep on it.

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