Meetings & Good News

So I’ve had two meetings today. One with my teacher and the other with the director. I showed my ideas to my teacher and he gave me some advice on my temporary music and narrowed it down to two pieces: ‘Blind Date’ and my sitcom bass piece. The first piece gave Randall a more specific personality - uncertainty and silliness, while my piece was more to draw the attention of the audience that something interesting is happening and to set the feel of the film. Either one worked so it was up to the director to decide, in which during our meeting later on, he chose to go with the bass piece as it gave the film more ‘character’. Awesome, so it’s decided! I explained to him that the music will come in and out of certain areas during the dialogue subtly to enhance the situation without being too overbearing, but at this stage I’d have to go home and experiment with how that would work. He seemed quite pleased about all of it and told me that the music definitely gave him a fresh perspective on the film that he’d lost. I’m glad I am helping!

He also mentioned that he didn’t know properly recorded audio was available from his film shoot so I no longer have to create party music for the background at this stage. He will pass the audio files to his sound guy and they will decide what happens then. The due date for the film is also extended by two days so in other words, I have a week from now to complete the score. Feeling much more confident now that things are falling into place.

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