Meeting Preparation

My meeting with the director is tomorrow morning so today I made sure to think out all the questions that have been bugging me about the project:

  • What are the crew roles? Who is in charge of the project? Are there any sound designers, audio mixers or editors? Who are they? How can I contact them?
  • What audio format types that are used in Swinburne? Do they consider 24bit/48kHz a standard broadcast wave? What editing programs will be used?
  • What is the full production schedule? Final scripts? Shooting days? Rough cuts? Final cuts? Spotting sessions? Final mix? Deadline?
  • How long will the film be? What are its influences? Lighting, mood and style? Any narrative undertones?
  • Who are the characters? Why are they there? How are they feeling? What is the relationship between the two characters?
  • Music - why jazz? What emotions are trying to be portrayed?

He is going to hate me by the end of tomorrow… 

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