Meeting and Answers

I had the meeting and a cup of coffee with the director today; he was a cool dude! However, he was quite unclear on what he wanted; not with just the music but also the film itself. This is very problematic. If he doesn’t know what’s going on, then I’m completely in the dark.

It wasn’t all bad though. I did manage to get pretty much all my questions answered:

Crew Roles

The director is also the producer and writer for the project so he has complete control over it. I also got the contact details of the editor, foley artist (if they require foley) and audio mixer (who all happens to be one guy). Apparently the audio guy works with 24bit/48kHz audio files so that’s good to hear!

Production Schedule

I received a production schedule and then made some extra deadlines as the director hadn’t made up his mind about a few things at that point. Overall, I’m happy with the dates as the main bulk of the work will be during SWOT VAC week (which is good considering the amount of work I have before then). Shooting starts on the 7th October (so he wasn’t actually filming his own film this week) with the rough cut coming in on the 18th October. I suggested a spotting session once the rough cut is complete (as there won’t be a fine cut involved; it’s straight to picture lock) however the director was unaware of what this was so we decided to organise one later. The locked off picture is due on the 1st November with the deadline being twelve days after that on the 12th November (this is quite scary though I should be ok as I can dedicate most of my time during this period). Also, somewhere before the 12th, I will be attending the final mix down to make sure it all goes smoothly with my music.

The Mood

It is a lighthearted black comedy that will be roughly 4 minutes long with slow cutting. Its main influence is ‘Louie’ so I assume the raw, humble, ‘video-like’ qualities for the look without much grading work done in post. He also mentioned that an initial influence was ‘American Beauty’ though it is no longer the case (I will keep this in mind just in case). The lighting will be very simple being mostly the look of the moonlight and the porch light, so the characters might have a dramatic, moody lighting on their faces.

The Characters

The two characters are strangers trying to one-up the other so there is a lot of mistrust between them. One is trying to take advantage for career purposes while the other feels ‘abused’ for this, so decides to play along and screw with the character. There are subtle elements of seductiveness from the female character as that is her way of messing with the other character. This does make the jazz element more appealing as jazz can pull off seductiveness and mistrust in a subtle way.

The Music

The director was not completely sure about why he wanted jazz music. However, he did know what he didn’t want, and that was music that was too overbearing and obvious. He also didn’t want any comedic sounds or music that synchronises too much with the visuals. He just wants something to set a mood and play in the background, which I completely agree with. In the end, we weren’t really too sure what would work and what wouldn’t at this early stage. He also briefly mentioned Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday for me to check out since that might or might not work:

Apart from the above things, I also managed to get photos of the location and the actors involved along with a storyboard. These will come in handy when I conceptualise later on.

During the end of our meeting as we were more acquainted with each other, the director described that initially, he wanted the film as a social commentary on corporate, power hungry organisations wanting to take advantage on people who post their lives on social media networks. Interesting; another aspect that I will keep in mind!

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