Long, Long Sleepless Day

So I ended up doing an all-nighter last night (this morning) scoring for the locked off cut. The changes were quite significant once more. The director has decided to go back to the first rough cut, which I think works better anyway; less dragging on in the shots and smoother progression. This made my scoring slightly easier as the music can flow better this way. A lot of changes were made and music for the introduction was scored quickly as I ran out of time.

I had one more meeting with my teacher before I headed off to Swinburne to deliver my score and attend the final mix. It turns out the score is quite over-composed, which is not surprising for me as I haven’t had time to actually sit back and listen to it. He also continued to give me more tips to refine the score and told me that it’s all good as I have all next week to refine and tweak it, as well as record live musicians. He was nice enough to organise all of that for me by finding the saxophone player and a sound engineer to help me record on Friday. Very exciting!

I then headed off to Swinburne to deliver the current version of the music. Apparently, the director didn’t end up doing any foley or ADR and wasn’t really sure what the purpose of the sound mix is. In fact his editor (who was doing sound) left early and left me in charge with everything. On top of that, they couldn’t work out how to export the audio stems out of Avid Media Composer, in which their teacher also failed to figure out… I ended up using the one audio file and compressed it drastically as it had certain sound effects that were painfully loud. I ended up finished mixing the music with the audio at around 10.30pm with the director. It’s done… For him anyway. I still have much refining to do in my score for the public screening. But for now, it’s bed time.

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