Jane's Colour

I had another meeting with my teacher today. I showed him what I had done so far with the music and he gave me a bunch of ideas regarding my choice of cues and alternatives that could work as well. The biggest thing was that he liked the sustained ‘wah’ texture of the guitar to be Jane’s colour. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that but it works very well as it’s already a natural sound within the piece.

I was also informed by the director that I would be receiving an actual rough-cut of the footage tomorrow so I decided to not touch the version I had regarding timing and cues, as I would probably have to re-arrange a lot of it anyway. Instead I worked on recording and equalising guitars and trying to achieve a more sustained ‘wah’ chord for Jane. This proved very difficult as I am only capable of direct inputting my guitar to the computer via a cheap audio interface, causing it to not behave like a real guitar amplifier and hardware effect pedals. Not only this, but for some reason guitars are the one thing I despise recording and working with as I am never satisfied with its sound - perhaps because I’m a guitarist? In the end I ended up creating sustain by stitching the guitar sound on the end and cross-fading it.

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