Clearer Direction

Today I’ve continued my temp scoring. I personally liked the three I had chosen yesterday but I feel I could bring even more variety for the director to chose from. I’ve chucked in some romantic guitar cheese music as well as some ‘smooth’ saxophone during a scene where Jane takes off her gown. It’s a bit too much in my opinion but he might like that direction. I’ve also decided to compose one more opening piece that is a bit darker and than the rest with a lot less comedy and humour just to put it out on the table:

I’ve also sent off an email to the director with a few of the temp files (without the visuals) to give him something to think about before tomorrow. I’ve also voiced my thoughts to him regarding the direction of the film and he agrees that the jazz music is no longer relevant especially after hearing my ‘Sitcom’ bass concept, which he really liked! This is good news and at least we have a clearer vision of the film now! Less weird, moody & dark comedy, more humorous (but still subtle) comedy. I can sleep a little better tonight (not that I sleep anyway).

The last thing that popped up was that the audio of the dialogue was very noisy and picked up a lot of the party noises occurring next door. He can’t rid of it so he wants me to somehow incorporate the party into the film. This is easy as I can write some ‘party’ music and mix it into the background.

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