Beat Mapping Pain!

Spent more time re-scoring for the rough draft with finding more colours to add to the score such as introducing some subtle percussive instruments as well as experimenting with adding pizzicato lines and trying to get a clarinet line to sit well within the mix. I feel that the bass guitar is too dominating and predictable so the pizzicato playing in a similar register breaks creates interest in the music as well as sounding natural.

A huge problem I am encountering at the moment is with beat mapping in Logic. As soon as a tempo changes, anything after it becomes the biggest jumble of mess. I’ve tried various techniques such as locking all regions in place, which works well but is still affected by tempo changes. I’ve tried unlocking the regions but they end up jumbling along with everything else and some even automatically re-arrange to play at double time. It’s simply too complicated to figure out what Logic is trying to do. I ended up bouncing the regions I knew I wasn’t going to change into audio files as they are not affected by the global settings. Hours wasted. What a pain!

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