Last NMIT Post!

This will be my final blog entry relating to NMIT Diploma of Sound Production! I will still continue to update my blog as I build my website on Wordpress. I’m planning for it to be a portfolio website for me as a composer. Hopefully I will begin setting up during the holidays so please feel free to continue following me! So I have just handed everything in yesterday, which took a massive weight off my shoulders. Four months worth of hard work handed in and now it’s out of the way… almost. Now I just need to finish off the demos and spend some time making the foley sound epic for Francis. Then ‘Bruce’ can be released on to the Internet and be laughed at along with the ‘Bruce Soundtrack’ on my Soundcloud, YouTube, Newgrounds and various other websites I will be preparing on the holidays. I must say I am very pleased with the result of the whole project and myself. No, I don’t think the music suits the film one hundred percent but it was a tricky film to score to. In my opinion, a more suitable soundtrack would have been either a purposely-bad ‘B-grade’ soundtrack or something that was more grounded in just simple rock music, but that would’ve been too limiting and I would’ve gotten nothing out of that.  I mainly used the film as a huge learning experience this year and even though I learnt enormous amounts during the first half of the year, things got truly intense when I begun ‘Bruce’. It forced me to use everything I learnt from this course and more; I went from someone who has only ever improvised jazz and helped write some pop/rock/hardcore music with bands to someone who can compose and produce fairly convincing film scores within nine months. It did take me about four months to write for a ten minute film though, which is ridiculously long but at least now I have a good grasp on how to approach the wide range of styles I wrote for ‘Bruce’. I am more confident now in approaching electronic, rock, simple piano, ambient and typical ‘Hans Zimmer’ modern orchestral action music (minus seventy tracks or so) and hopefully I can write that sort of music much quicker.

I still have a long way to go but this course has been an amazing starting point that has made me realize my interests in music and set me in good direction. I always thought doing session work as a guitarist would be the thing I would try to get into but I have never felt so passionate about that as I have with writing music. I remember after a whole day of learning guitar and jazz at NMIT, I would come home and practice for about three to four hours on average and that would be it; mental exhaustion and complete un-interest would kick in (sometimes even before I begun practicing) and I would proceed to play my X-Box. This year however, I have spent almost every free minute working on music and school related work and composing whenever I have the chance at home. My X-Box has been collecting dust for literally about eight months now; I think the only video game related activity I will be doing from now on would be to score for a game or do the sound design for it (one day hopefully).

Anyway, that was some introspective stuff about what I think this year. I just want to thank the teachers for being awesome and enthusiastic about teaching and helping out (that hasn’t always been the case for me at other courses). So thanks Peter for sparking my interest into some twenty-first century classical music (I’m obsessed with Ravel and Debussy at the moment). Your weekly compositional technique exercises you set for us have helped a lot and the film scoring lectures you provided were fascinating; I only wish there were more sessions on that. Thank you Michael for teaching me about all the mixing tools; I honestly did not know what a compressor actually did even after owning a compressor guitar pedal for the last couple of years until you explained it. Even though I don’t use Pro Tools to compose, I still use it to for sound editing and foley work so your Pro Tools knowledge was very useful for me. And thank you Darren for organizing this amazing course and also setting out very industry and university relevant work that I’m sure will benefit me in my future undergraduate studies (like the academic reports, proposals, etc.). I just wish that there were an advanced diploma equivalent for this course! That would’ve been great.

Ok, it’s getting a bit gooey so I’m going to stop. Now that the course is over, I have university auditions, Pro Tools intensives, website designs and four films lined up waiting to be scored on the holidays. Fun times ahead.

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