Two Week Update

I haven’t updated my blog in two weeks now due to me having the busiest two weeks of my life and that’s not an exaggeration! I have shut my self in my room and have been composing, practicing, writing, stressing and preparing for both NMIT and non-NMIT related projects. I haven’t had a chance to touch ‘Bruce’ in the last two weeks due to the fact that it’s one of the very last things due on my to do list. I have however been preparing for the performance, which went quite well in my opinion but on to that later; first, a summary of my two weeks. So after kicking Francis in the butt to stabilize, color grade and render a high quality version of ‘Bruce’, he finally got working on it (and I’m grateful because he has also been flat out working on his own projects). Unfortunately, he didn’t stabilize it and did a really hasty color grade due to time constraints. I then took the two cues I was performing and edited them in iMovie, which again unfortunately didn’t work out as planned because apparently iMovie can’t render full HD videos (seriously?). Anyway, long story short, Francis and I wasted a whole precious day rendering, googling, petrol wasting, etc. but eventually we got everything to work. After that, I made a performance session in Logic with everything I need within it. Unfortunately once more that didn’t work out either because during a practice run, my computer decided to die due to the extra video output. So Darren’s solution was to run the video and backing track off the school iMac, while I process my guitar and keyboard within my Macbook; it worked perfectly. I then just practiced getting the timing right for ‘Run Johnny, Run’ which was a tricky one because there are a few hit points that hit in awkward moments and I also practiced the keyboard for ‘Seriously Serious’. I also had to learn Jaime’s ‘Love Sound’, which was also tricky because he didn’t have a recorded demo or any sheet music, but I managed to get that down after some confusion.

Apart from performance preparation, I have been writing pieces for my auditions and one of them was based on the ‘Silent Voyage’ film that I was originally going to score for when I started this project. Surprisingly, Francis thinks this version sounds better suited than my piano piece I wrote earlier on. I don’t think I will be completing that project though until after this course is finished due to ‘Bruce’ still having two more cues that need composing for, and also another one that needs mixing but I will post the ‘Silent Voyage’ concept up anyway (even the irrelevant sections):

I was also hoping that I could perform this piece on the second night of the concert but I only finished it three days before so that didn’t happen. I think it would’ve been more ‘interactive’ though because everything was made from guitar reverbs and hitting books, spoons and etc. Only the choir was a sample.

Ok, now to evaluate my performance and the concert: I’m glad it’s over! Although horribly exhausting, I have had a fun two days of preparing, watching and performing. It was definitely interesting to finally see everyone’s fully produced music and personally, it was one of my more comfortable performances with good vibes all around. The stage crew also went well and although I was forgetting things during the tech runs, during the actual performances, things ran smoothly between Christina, Dylan and I. Performance-wise, I’m not entirely sure how I went but it certainly felt very natural which was good because I was worrying about how to perform my piece beforehand a lot, but the first night up, I realized everyone was glued to the screen and not me. That made it easier for me because I didn’t feel like I had to compete with the film itself, which would’ve been very hard due to me playing one power chord most of the time. Also, I think it’s good that the audience was not distracted by me at all. The second night up, I was far more relaxed and kind of just accompanied the film. The MIDI keyboard however, was not relaxing and I made pretty substantial mistakes both nights; nobody seemed to notice (I hope).  Overall, I had good feedback and I was quite satisfied with it even though it wasn’t perfect. I’m not entirely sure what I could improve because live film scores are not exactly that common and it is a bit confusing as to where the attention should be focused towards; the performers or the entertaining film? But if I could make improvements, I would choose better songs to perform and perhaps have a small band or something to perform it. I could’ve also practiced that keyboard section a little more. But yes, I am relieved that it’s done and over with! Now to stress even more because it’s back to the accursed ‘Bruce’ film.

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