Wednesday Absent Update

Okay! A really quick blog entry on what I did today since I need to hurry up and continue composing for ‘Bruce’. I restarted from scratch for ‘Shit Just Got Real’ and in my opinion; it sounds far better than what I had before. The old version was too serious for this particular scene and kind of had a modern ‘Call Of Duty’ sound to it so I decided to lighten it up a bit and go with a cheesier, bass guitar riff to continue showing off what a badass Bruce is. This version has a lot more tension to it but doesn’t feel very big though, which is more suitable due to it being the only indoor scene. The quality of it is very bad at the moment because I haven’t been looking for proper sounds yet; this is just where the hit points are and how it will play out:

That’s pretty much all I’ve done for ‘Bruce’ today regarding composing. I will post up a weekly update to recap the whole week on Sunday night. Regarding the performance, I have decided that I will be playing ‘Run Johnny, Run’ on guitar, which runs for three minutes and I will also be playing ‘Chase Car’ on the synth as a string section that goes for about thirty seconds. These two are probably my favorite cues from the movie so I have decided to lock them in for good. I have begun making performance preparations around these two cues and the only thing I need to know now is what digital guitar amplifier is going to be used on the night. Other than that, I just need to continue making these pieces happen!

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