Recapitulation Of Work

This week has been another stressful week but I’m definitely more relaxed due to the news that we have the option to take Wednesdays and Fridays off. I think those days are definitely necessary due to my growing list of things to do outside of NMIT. That being said, I still don’t have much time left so I’ve decided to make a list of all the pieces for ‘Bruce’ to see what I need to do: . Abandoned - Did a quick EQ following Peter’s advice to reduce the high ends of the cello so it sits in the background. Francis and I are happy with it so it’s done and out of the way!

. Bruce’s Theme - Listening to it this week, I’ve realized that it’s too muddy. The rhythm guitars sound like they are from the chorus of a post-hardcore song; they’re not punchy enough. I’ll have to mix it properly and also extend the song to be used in the credits.

. Shit Just Got Real - Need to add more instruments and sounds to make it sound more interesting and varied. So far it’s just some orchestral percussion and string drones. Also need to extend it through the short fight scene, which I’m still not quite sure what to do yet but I’m going to keep it simple.

. Run Johnny, Run / Teddy’s Gonna Getcha - This piece is by far the most difficult one to make out of all of them. It has been causing me so much grief this week, but I have finally managed to make it sound better! After being totally lost as to why this song sounded so bland and dull, Peter and Michael helped me figure out my problem: Dynamics, variation and space! So after literally spending thirty hours (that’s an underestimate) this week on it layering drums and synths from the ground up, I have something that’s definitely an improvement. It’s still messy and has room for more improvement. The string dynamics are a bit out of place and I still have to get around to recording real guitars. Composition wise, I ended up changing a few minor parts and I’m not entirely happy with the end section. It still sounds cheesy and lame as anything but I guess that’s the whole point. I’m going for a ’21 Jump Street’ sort of feel with this one. The top SoundCloud file is the original song I posted a few weeks earlier and the bottom is the improved song I made this week.

. Hide N’ Seek - This piece definitely works and elevates the tension a lot but I wasn’t sure whether it was too over the top or scary sounding a few weeks ago. Francis had a listen and thought it worked fine so I just equalized it a little bit and it’s finished!

. Don’t Fluff With Bruce - I didn’t like this piece at all; after all this was one of the pieces I struggled with along with ‘Run Johnny, Run’. It just didn’t work as soon as I added the foley; probably because it sounds way too big and didn’t really make sense. I’m thinking of stripping it back to mainly sound effects and percussion so that is something I’ll have to re-compose this week. The music from a short film called ‘Losses’ is more suitable so I’m going to draw some form of inspiration from it. The main fight begins around the 5.05 mark: (contains violence). It’s quite subtle compared to my music but works nicely in my opinion.

. Chase Car - This horribly named track hasn’t been worked on since I posted it last time but it’s sounding fairly good at the moment. Not too troubled by this piece as it contains all orchestral instruments and doesn’t require too much processing nor mixing. Will try to finish it by the end of this week.

. Fluffy Vengeance - I haven’t started this piece yet but I’m thinking of creating a big orchestral/guitar piece for this ultimatum so that should be fun.

So that was my recap of all the work I have done and from the looks of it, I still have to do a lot so I better continue to not sleep properly!

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