Sound Design Begins

I didn’t get much done this week as I had quite a lot of days that were booked in, which was why I wanted to get everything done two weeks ago. I did however manage to compose a simple yet effective piece for ‘Bruce’s’ sad introduction, which probably doesn’t need any sort of serious mixing:

I had some good feedback from it and apparently it works quite well; sad but sinister. It’s annoying because I whipped it up in less than two hours and works so much better than any other song that I’ve spent twenty plus hours on.

Ok, now here’s where the frustration begins: finding the right sounds. So I’ve decided to skip writing the smaller compositions for now and focus on getting the main ones to sound good. I started with ‘Run, Johnny Run’, which in my opinion is probably the hardest one to get sounding professional. The electronic synth/guitar and drums make the song sound very flat and boring. I compared it to something like the ‘Transporter 3’ song:, which is so crisp and ‘sleek’ sounding; it’s amazing! Of course, the song is completely different and I’m not expecting ‘Run, Johnny Run’ to sound anything like it, but I would still like to make it… less muddier, more dynamic and punchier? Anyway, I’ll have to seek some advice when I get back to NMIT.

I’ve also completed the foley for the whole film. There are a few little details and things to put in but due to time constraints I’ve skipped them for now to focus on the music. Unfortunately the dialog is also terrible and I think ADR will have to be supplied but that’s out of my control since Francis isn’t very fussed at the moment so I won’t worry about it for now. I did a rough mix of the foley to put with my compositions to see if they worked and they certainly fit better now that there are sound effects. Some things still need touching up and the foley mix is still very sub-par but I should really finish the compositions first.

Overall, the feedback I have received so far is fairly good. Francis came over this week and I showed him all of my work. There were a couple of little details that he wanted changed so I wrote down a list of what he doesn’t like but generally he is happy with it so thank god for that!

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