Quick Holiday Update

Ok, a quick overdue blog update! I have managed to get some work done these busy ‘holidays’. I am still horribly behind schedule even more so than before. I still haven’t completed the rough drafts for ‘Bruce’ yet; I only have the small sections to go but technically I should be on the mixing stage by tomorrow. Not going to happen since I still have foley to complete and while I’m on the topic, foley is taking forever! I spent a total of ten hours doing the footsteps and they aren’t even mixed nor realistic sounding. I will save the mixing for when I’ve synced up all the sound effects hopefully by next week. About three quarters of the foley work is complete and now I’m just working on the physical contact and punching sounds. I estimate another eight or so hours will do if I don’t have to record anymore of my own sounds. Composing wise, I’ve managed to complete the fight scene music but I’m pretty unhappy about it. It doesn’t work well and I’ve totally lost perspective. I had to write something though, instead of just staring at my laptop for two days. So here it is:


I’ve also started work on the last chase where Bruce is running down an alleyway for thirty seconds. Nothing particularly interesting happens during this time so again; it’s my job to make it so. I’m not sure if it’s a bit too serious sounding but again, I’ll just keep writing because I don’t really have much choice at the moment due to time constraints. I just hope Francis will be happy with the music when he hears it:


I am actually quite happy with how big ‘Chase Car’ sounds. I did some layering of different sorts of orchestral percussion instruments and got them to play slightly out of time with each other so it sounded bigger. Anyway, better get back to work!

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