I am writing this while being horribly sleep deprived. For the last four days, I had on average about six hours of sleep a night and it’s starting to take its toll on my brain function. So today was my deadline for the compositions… Wasn’t able to make it; in fact, I wasn’t even close. Although I did a vast amount of work this week, I reckon I still need about two whole days to get everything down. Obviously I am quite disappointed about this, mainly due to the fact I have worked out all the things I have to do next term (mainly non-school related), which is looking quite impossible unless I literally don’t sleep at all. On a more positive note, I must say that I am honestly quite proud of my progress in composing and sound design. Only seven months ago (about when I first started composing), I was on SoundCloud listening to all these composers and their MIDI based mock orchestras for film and I thought, “Wow, I don’t even know where to begin to make something like this” and now here I am, making some pretty nice electronic/orchestral film music. Of course, they are still very simple and need a lot more work. That being said, the last three weeks has been a huge learning experience while working on ‘Bruce’ and I’ve realized that I am no longer as slow as a composer as I use to be; I can generally generate sounds that I hear in my head fairly quickly as opposed to trying to find the right processing to use and ending up forgetting what sound I wanted originally. Ok, enough of my insightful nonsense; back to ‘Bruce’. According to my student logbook, I have done thirty-four hours and fifteen minutes of composing for ‘Bruce’ in four days this week. A lot of it was re-writing, researching and just sitting there trying to come up with something in my head. I think I’m averaging about one minute of music per twenty hours or so, though it could be more now because I have gone back to exercising every day, which increases my productivity for a couple of hours!

I have finally completed the chase scene music. It drove me crazy but here it is. I’m not sure if it works or not but I will be able to judge it objectively once I come back to it after a week. Some of the sounds sound terrible because I still haven’t found the right ones yet and I also ended up changing some details from the last version:

I also managed to complete a draft of the school hunt scene. I’m not sure if it’s too dark and spooky sounding:

And lastly, I’m halfway through the two-minutes, forty-second fight scene. This one gave me heaps of grief, as I didn’t know how to approach it at all. Originally, Francis wanted no music but I persuaded him out of that because I personally don’t think that there’s much weight, nor setting in this scene at all, hence music is required to enhance it. I experimented with a couple of ideas; firstly, something slow, heavy and brooding but that didn’t seem to work so well because the characters were moving so slow and the music just seemed to drag everything down. Instead, I tried something faster with a conga beat and that seemed to work better. I also used the same bass sound from ‘Shit Just Got Real’ due to it not being used in that piece anymore because Francis disliked it in that context. I had to use it somewhere because I love it so much:

Other than that, Logic is still crashing due to what I think might be the Kontakt players’ fault. I will look into that when I have some time. Anyway, I really should get some sleep.

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