Freaking Out!

Ok… I’m kind of freaking out again. I really have to learn how to relax since the more stressed I am, the less work I get done. So this week I didn’t get as much composing done as I would’ve liked. I helped Francis shoot the missing introduction scene for ‘Bruce’ and received the fine cut on Tuesday. The only thing that’s missing is the credits but that shouldn’t be an issue for now. With the fine cut, I begun doing the foley work in Pro Tools, which I just discovered is an absolute time consumer. It took me three hours to do the ambient and footstep noises for the introduction that goes for twenty seconds, and that’s not even equalized or edited; hence more freaking out. The main issue with foley is finding the sounds in my massive sound library, and sometimes I can’t exactly find what I want so I’m going to have to record those sounds off my friends H4N. One thing that has been causing me so much grief is my dying laptop and a constantly crashing Logic Pro. It’s still crashing every twenty minutes and every time it happens, I forget what I was going to do. It’s driving me insane, so I spent a large chunk of my week re-organizing my workflow and now I have individual sessions for each song/section which I can sync back to my master session as long as I keep going between them to update tempos and etc. It’s working quite well for me at the moment since Logic is only crashing every hour or so now!

Composing-wise, I have created another minute or so of chase music. My ideas are still flowing quite freely with that but it’s becoming progressively more difficult to write due to the fact that the amount of ‘interesting’ things happening on screen is becoming less and I feel that the music is becoming a bit bland. I’ve decided to up the tension by making strings more prominent and frequent, also to show that the film is getting a bit more serious since nothing comedic is happening on screen. The main challenge is just getting those hit points without compromising the tempo or feel of the song since the chase music is so rhythmically driven. I have one particular section where no matter what, I can’t get it to hit on a beat, and so I have to hit on an offbeat that feels a bit awkward. I’ve started to experiment with following that off beat with other off beats so that it feels like it’s a part of the song. Other than that, I’ve also composed a simple traditional Chinese tune featuring a Guzheng for a section in between the chase where it enters a Chinese persons house while he watches television (where the Chinese music is coming from).

The traditional Chinese tune with cheap sounding MIDI bends (will have to do something about that). It will be equalized so that it sounds like it’s coming out of the television:

The chase scene music again (extended further):

Anyway, I am trying to get these compositions done by the end of next week, but I doubt that will happen now since there is so much going on. Might have to settle with finishing it by the end of the holidays, which leaves me very little time for mixing and performance preparation. Ideally I would like two whole weeks of sitting home doing this but unfortunately my holiday is already starting fill up with other obligations.

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