Posting a late blog entry due to this week being a complete nightmare and at the same time a massive relief! In fact I didn’t post a blog because I was just freaking out the whole time but I reached an epiphany a couple of days ago with ‘Bruce’ and I am well on my way now. One of the biggest problems I had was the main chase scene (a really long chase scene). I had a rough draft down but I wasn’t too sure whether it worked or not but I decided to stick with it, follow my instincts (whether bad or good) and stop second-guessing myself; no matter what, it wouldn’t be as bad as having no music at all. So I stuck with my concept and then… I had no idea how to develop it. I’m not a listener of this sort of ‘Doof Doof’ electronic music, nor have I ever made any. How do the movie sound tracks come up with such complex and dense percussive sections for electronic music chase scenes? I was then fiddling around with Native Instruments ‘Evolve Mutations’, a sample library of sound effects and loops, and found some processed drum loops that I added to the chase music and it worked! I should refer to loops more often now because I’ve never used loops before so this was super helpful. Since then, the chase music has been writing itself. Also, thanks to Darren’s advice, I’ve decided that instead of writing similar individual pieces throughout the chase scene, I should use one big concept and change it through the chase so it’s still one piece. I find this so much easier and now my song is just evolving naturally. I better continue writing quickly before this ‘magic moment’ disappears. Here’s what I have so far for the chase music:


I’m also trying to incorporate some character-specific sounds or themes so whenever Bruce appears on screen, distorted guitars come in for a phrase or so because I want to represent him as the ‘badass’. Other than that, apart from the numerous bugs that I have discovered, Logic is still crashing on me every twenty minutes and it’s really hindering the creative process! My money is just dying to be thrown at Apple for one of those brand new iMacs coming out ‘soon’.

Anyway, this was a short entry because I really need to get back to work. I have two more weeks before my deadline but I’m feeling quite optimistic!

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