Busy Week

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get much done this week at all due to a couple of events such as performing at a function gig, in which I practiced for a lot this week (the fact that I never even bothered listening to the songs before this week probably didn’t help). I also spent the whole weekend celebrating my twenty-first so my only free days during the week were gone. That being said, I still managed to get some stuff done. I had a go at composing for the chase scene of ‘Bruce’s Fluffy Vengeance’ and found that I didn’t really know what sounds I wanted to use. Was it electronic, rock or traditional instrumentation I wanted to use? Or maybe a combination of them? Anyway, I’m totally stuck on that so I’ve been researching a lot of action sequences on YouTube and found that a lot of them use traditional orchestral instrumentation, which I don’t think suit the vibe of ‘Bruce’ too well due to the fact that this film isn’t very serious at all and orchestras are just too epic. I did however manage to write a rough version of the introduction and credit music. It’s a typical, cheesy hard rock/80’s metal tune with some shredding. It plays at the begging of the film on the radio and does a diegetic switch when the title comes up. I’m also planning to use it (an altered, extended version) during the end credits of the film.

The rough introduction music, which I’m calling ‘Bruce’s Theme’:


Needs some more mixing, re-writing and less soloing, but that’s pretty much the general song I’m going to use.

While writing the song, I also managed to figure out the whole ‘syncing’ business in Logic Pro. In order for everything to stay together, I have to lock both marker and region time codes in place with beat markers (but they don’t change with the tempo so its really annoying).

That’s all I got done this week. I’m officially freaking out now but I’m giving myself until the end of term three to complete all the basic drafts and get the compositions down before I start working on sound aspects of those compositions (plus foley) on the holidays. I’m predicting lots of sleepless nights coming up…

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