Just Getting Started...

Finally received the absolute final cut of ‘Silent Voyage’ from Francis. It goes for about four minutes and forty seconds but he only wants about two and a half minutes worth of music. He went through the scenes with me and told me where and how the music should play and also gave me a brief on how the Foley should work. He also suggested some songs such as ‘Any Other Name (Thomas Newman) and ‘He Had A Good Time’ (Cliff Martinez) for me to check out to get a general vibe of what he wants. So I begun composing once again for ‘Silent Voyage’ but realized that the concept I made earlier was perhaps a bit too dark and mysterious and as Francis said last week, it didn’t really suit the film. I began work on a new concept that ended up sounding quite similar melodically because I seem to want to play the sharpened sixth within the minor key (the Dorian mode). I even ended up writing the harmonic progression with the sharpened sixth that changed the F minor 7th into a dominant 7th:

| Cmin | Ebmaj | Abmaj | F7 |

I wasn’t too happy with the melody though so I tried incorporating some Cantus Firmus I learnt from Peter and now I have too many melodies to choose from:

This one is my original idea that I didn’t like:

And here are a bunch of other ones I made:

A problem now is that my song sounds like a really catchy tune out of a Zelda game and is probably a bit too distracting, so I’ll have to spread the notes out more so the melody isn’t too focused and work on the instrumentation for my harmony.

Now onto the other film: ‘Bruce’s Fluffy Vengeance’ has been shot and a rough cut was given to me this week. It’s missing two small scenes so nothing is set in stone yet but so far it’s twelve minutes long… So I had a quick brief with Francis regarding Foley and he told me to do whatever feels right so I’m going to work on that soon. He also gave a brief on the music and pretty much told me to write some stereotypical action music (exactly what I had in mind). I ended up spending most of my time trying to add sync points and getting the timing to go with the cuts but I still haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

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