First Major Production Project Blog Entry

This is my first blog post so I’m just going to do a very short summary on what has been happening in the last couple of weeks regarding my major production project for NMIT Sound Production. At this time, I’m still in the early stages in composing for the short films; quite behind schedule actually, though this sort of thing is expected in the industry I guess. Throughout the last few weeks I have been heavily involved in the film making process and I have been discussing and suggesting different ideas with the filmmakers. They were not completely sure what sort of specific thing they wanted so we just continued to share our thoughts until the films have been shot and edited. During my waiting period, I decided to start building up my sample library so I bought a Lacie 1TB Firewire hard drive to store and organize all of them neatly. I spent a few days browsing online for free high quality samples and was surprised to find that there was so many just scattered across the internet.

About last week, one of the films ‘Silent Voyage’ had a rough cut completed. I viewed the footage with the director (Francisco Gozon) and he decided that he wanted something easy to listen to; neither too complex nor experimental. He described the song as ‘big’ in scope but not too epic at the same time. From that I had a pretty good idea what he wanted; a song with strings and piano. He also told me to listen to a Netherland composer called Thomas de Waard. His stuff is very simple musically but quite complicated sound-wise. He uses a lot of strings and pads that weave in and out of each other very seamlessly and sounds very professional, which is quite a surprise because this composer is the same age as me. What a talent!

So I begun experimenting with my new samples and came up with a few very basic concepts (slowly and painfully) revolving around a little piano tune. I kind of wanted something that sounded nice and sweet but at the same time mysterious and dreamy due to the central character of the film not knowing his identity or where he is going. I showed Francisco the concept and he had a hard time trying to match it up with the film even though he did like it a lot. He wanted something simpler so I’m just going to strip back the tune a little and see how that goes. At least now I have an idea that is locked in.

Here's the link to the concept so far:

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