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I'm a diverse and analytical media composer & sound designer who is committed in providing emotional reinforcement for visual and interactive narratives. My main focus is to ensure that every project has its own customised music and sounds in order to further enhance its dramatic and narrative purpose, whether that means creating subtext, setting moods, or referencing emotions and situations. I enjoy tackling musical challenges and i'm flexible and proactive in my approach during collaborations.

Since completing my studies at NMIT (Diploma of Sound Production, 2012) and Box Hill Institute (Bachelor of Applied Music in Composition, 2013 - 2014) I have been working on numerous film, television, and video game projects.

In 2014 I was announced the winner for the Tropscore competition organised by APRA/AMCOS and Tropfest, as well as being nominated for 'Best Soundtrack Finalist' for the short film 'A Gift Horse' as part of the 'My Rode Reel' short film competition organised by Rode Microphones.

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